The Sound Of Light

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Together We Are Resonance... 


A schemer who sets up beautiful moments between musicians and other sound makers, every one of us devotees by nature.  

A manipulator who records, filters, slices and dices, adds other elements and dances with the content.. Or leaves it just the way it came out.

A propogandist who, with partners, spins it out with stories and pictures. 

All the while in awe of the Consciousness that flows through. 


  Located in Toronto, Canada.  We manifest music works and sound works from conception to finish, drawing from the shining lights  of meditation/yoga,  traditional world music, street music, asian devotional singing, viewed through the eyes of a Canadian music producer .  Increasingly we are writing copy and script and directing small video projects. 

Our on-sight sound recording facility is private, focused and acoustically optimized.  We interface with an extended community of resources to meet production goals.

Let's Make Something Beautiful!

mixing and mastering to all formats
music and sound elements  for 
film/video/new media, 
artist albums, 
chanting records,
 audio logos, 
audio books 

 break new ground uplift others.



Gary (Empty Book Justice started making sound in the 1960's, as a child singing in choirs and playing flute and violin in small orchestras.  In the 70's and 80's he performed across the country in jazz, R&B, folk, Reggae and rock groups as a  bass player and singer. Opened and managed three recording studios between 1995 and present.  About ten years ago  Justice became more conscious of Consciousness, revealed through meditation. He  began to fall in love with ordinary sounds and real sounds such as the long tail of a gong after being struck, acoustic and ancient musical instruments and birds singing in the wind.  Also, it became a great pleasure to listen the sounds that  "unschooled" musicians and singers make while involved in chanting and prayer. 

This was particularly vivid in a Korean lineage Zen Buddhist temple where he spent  years participating in training, ceremonies and retreats, and later in  small villages in India, where joyously perform prayer  through song. 

From 2003 Justice had a growing appreciation of ambient composers such as Harold Budd and Brian Eno's work on "Music for Airports" and "Ambient Mirror".  A composer friend Hector Centeno got into some new areas, rejecting melody and classic structure as overly dramatic and contrived, seeking instead the devotional stories told by "random" sound.  He worked with spectral and granular approaches to recorded real-life events, revealing these as electro-acoustic works.   This influenced Justice to move in that direction.  

The "higher chakra"  environment  of muic that is open /impressionistic / evolved  is a wonderful feeling to be in. It sets a tone of non-conformity, of intelligence, humour and courageous defiance of superficial boundaries and rigid prosaic-ness.  Attending an event by NAISA (New Adventures In Sound Art), Justice found himself in a nightclub where young people sat and talked and did regular things but instead of loud rock of dance music playing, gentle formless sounds emanated from the stage. The transformation of the space ,with this single  change left quite an impact. He found that when devotional or ambient music is playing and one is residing in its field, even an ordinary act like pouring a cup of tea takes on a "transported" feeling. 

Justice has been commissioned  to create sonic landscapes and special audio projects for museum installations, artistic works, and audio databases for telephone systems. He'd love to design some door chimes or alarm/alert  signals and announcement systems . These are as delicious as songs and music.  Shaping the elements into a positive functional experience is a whole new way of interfacing listeners with their life.  A workplace buzzer that is could be depressing or inspiring, exposed to day in and day out...think about the impact.... 

Working with music he has created recordings with  Indian Classical musicians like sitarist Awnwar Khurshid and flutist Ron Allen merging such players with North American Kirtan leaders including Mike Cohen and Wade Imre Morrissette.  He composed music for sacred mantras and spiritual ceremonies  in Zen, Hindu and  Yoga communities. Justice is appreciative of religious and non-religious  exploration of Consciousness.  This can be an aspect of any sound or music - including dance music, pop, R&B, etc.    Sometimes Justice participates in workshops at  Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, as leader or participant in  sound/chanting and meditation workshops. 

From Gary Justice: "In the West, we are beginning to include South Asian awareness and yoga thinking into our mainstream culture. At the same time, our commercial approach has created some complex issues. The meeting of the two worlds reveals delightful and liberating challenges.

It's interesting trying to find new ways to put this together in a time where the support for music makers is being dismantled by big business and government, and the public has come to feel that music should be free. Nevertheless, there is always something beautiful going on.

Maybe we could just fast and chant AUM together..."

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