The Sound Of Light



The Naturality Mantra was composed by Gary Justice, to  Sanskrit text written by Jivasu (Dr. Pradeep Kumar)

 It describes the spiritual process of self discovery and interconnection with  others. Jivasu's law of Naturality includes: 1) our natural state is one of wholeness that includes expanding awareness into the All and 2) each individual has a unique path to health, happiness and spiritual unfolding.




"BAUM" for acoustic piano and electric bass was composed and performed by visual artist/pianist John Armstrong and bassist/music producer Gary Justice.

Bells And Meadows


 Naturality Mantra

Naturality Mantra.mp3

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 "Bells and Meadows" is based on live-created musical works by Gary Justice and live painting by Tina Newlove.  

This film documents  a workshop they presented at Toronto's Arts & Letters Club on the  subject of creativity and Consciousness:

" is Creativity a universal force that inherently exists, and can we tap into it by simply tuning in and surrendering?"

 This is a 2 minute clip.  

For the full movie go here:


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